And he said to them, "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men." Matthew 4:19

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fish Tales

A few people have been after me for a while to start writing, or at least blogging.  And I've always hesitated for some reason.  To write successfully, you have to write about something you know and love.  For me, that would be my family and fishing.  And well, since I don't want to embarrass my family any more than I already do, I figured I'd write about my second love, fishing.  Especially now that I am a world-famous fisherman!  (At least I've been professionally photographed, interviewed, and published catching fish).  So I figured strike while the iron is hot! 

I've been fishing for more than 40 years, and have always loved it.  I've fished for trout in Europe, salmon, cod and halibut in Alaska, and all kinds of fish, both fresh and saltwater, here on the East Coast. Especially Virginia and North Carolina.  It has been written about me that I would fish in a swimming pool if I thought I had half a chance.  I fish alone, I fish with my family, and I fish with friends -- and once a year, every November, I fish with many of them.  I fish with God, and sometimes I go fishing to find God.  I have taught many people the basics of fishing, and I continue to learn more every year.  I don't consider myself an expert by any stretch of the imagination -- just someone who has a sincere love for the beauty of all God's creation. And this is how I prefer to see it -- broiled, blackened, smoked or fried on my plate.  (That's a joke.  I practice catch and release most of the time.)

While the premise of "Angling Participles" is about fishing, I suspect sometimes I'm going to leave you hanging, like a dangling participle, and go off on another tangent.  So consider that your warning.  I can be very opinionated at times, and I sometimes have much to say.  And you are probably reading this because you know me and you love me and you care what I think, or you don't like me and I am paying you money to read this.  Or you are just interested in reading what are hopefully interesting anecdotes mixed up with my thoughts.  And yes, the stories I tell here may or may not contain elements of truth and fiction.  After all, these are fish tales.  It is up to you to figure out the difference between when a tale is true, and when I may be, well, exaggerating a bit.  (Though some of my stories are just too good to be fiction.)

So thank you for signing up, and taking the time to read Angling Participles.  I welcome your thoughts, comments, suggestions and ideas.  Until next time,

"Fish On,"


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